Product review: Revolution pallette


So i was in Superdrug recently (drugstore) shopping for “essentials” as us girls always are right? 🙂 and i noticed this brand i hadnt seen before; Makeup Revolution and first and foremost i noticed how affordable the range was!

So the redemption eye shadow pallettes in particular took my fancy, they have a few different variations but i decided on “iconic 2”


I really am a sucker for a neutral, shimmer pallette, they are just so wearable and pretty and my fairer skin and blue eyes really complements the colours in this palette,  and at £4 i could hardly say no could i…

I have to say, for a high st product, i really like this!
Yes you do get quite a bit fall out when applying so do place a tissue under the eye when applying or if you prefer, apply your eye makeup first..i also do not use the sponge applicated tip tool provided as i prefer to use a brush to apply my eye make up.
But with regards to colour pay off…as you can see from the below, un-edited picture, i swathed just a few of the shades, they really are rather decent! I think the colours are super pretty and for the price of this product you wont go far wrong with this pallette.


Also worth noting,  i swatched these colours on my arm without a primer on…so i think it shows once on the eye with primer how fab they will look AND they last the day out well- as i am prone to oily eye lids too!

So do check out the other colours in this range as they do have some great colours if you are a little more adventurous than i am



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