Magic Custard Cake

image This is definitely a much loved cake by many and now i can see why! Its not the most adventurous by any means and the flavour is pretty ‘vanilla’ but personally i think this is a perfect treat for Sunday afternoon with the family especially if you are a custard lover like myself!☺ The recipie i was followed was;

But there are many, many versions on the internet & pinterest ☺


-The mixture will be very runny, don’t be put off my this, go ahead and pop it in the oven and watch it form together!

– fan ovens should be 10 degrees lower than the recipe states as fan assisted ovens do cook quicker, if the oven is too hot before the mixture goes in unfortunately the top will break apart like mine did. Also dont worry when you take it out, if it has, because as soon as it cools down it does come back together. Just remember in the last 15 mins to turn the oven up to the correct, stated temperature.  🙂
-do not attempt to hand wisk the egg whites like i did…20 minutes hand beating (im not one that gives up easily!) and i was left with a very achey arm and nothing but runny egg whites! Thankfully my boyfriend saved the day and was on hand to bring his mums electric whisker over to me 😄 image
Ta-dah! A very happy moment!

And as if by magic…here it is… image Serve with fresh fruit.. image It’s incredibly easy and quick to make (minus the half hour egg white situation) and there really is no better feeling than opening the oven door, and seeing your cake all pretty and golden is there.. :)👊 HAPPY FRIDAY image


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