Milk chocolate truffles for Mothers day♡


So today is Mothers day here in the UK, and i decided to make some chocolate truffles! My mum loves chocolate so i thought this would be a thoughtful and delicious idea!

Its definitely a messy job if you are anything as clumsy as me! But its really simple, and aside from the time it takes for the chocolate to set, its really quick to make too, if there are younger members of the family to help, i think they will love getting their hands dirty!

I coated mine in crushed up nuts, Cadbury’s drinking chocolate powder, and sprinkles but you can also coat them in melted chocolate and add orange zest to flavour etc there are so many great ideas and recipes out there and on pinterest so definitely check them out ☺ the recipe i followed was:

Note: if you arent a fan of dark chocolate like myself, just use milk or white chocolate.

Tips: dont be impatient like me, do wait for the chocolate to set properly before you begin rolling them into balls..

& here is the finished result and they taste so good👏…so creamy and smooth. Just a tad bit sickly- so eat in moderation👍



Happy mothers day to all the wonderful mums out there & for those of you who sadly arent able to share the day with your mums, i hope the day is filled with wonderful memories ♡




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