Product Review, Barry M eyeshadow pallette

image I was on the hunt for a Urban Decay eyeshadow palette dupe (optimistic some might say!) and when i stumbled across this in Boots i was intrigued..

At £6.49 each is quite obviously a fraction of the price Urban Decay retail their Naked palettes for at £38. Therefore i brought both available pallettes 🙂

Some people will be outraged i have even compared this to the famous and undeniably fabulous Naked palettes so i must state While it isnt an exact or obviois dupe, only containing only 6 colours compared to Urban Decay’s 12, while the colours do not match exactly and obviously the quality of application and colour pay off is not the same…it’s a real bargain and will definitely still allow you to achieve the look you are after. What’s more, the Barry M pallettes also come with a built in mirror, eye shadow applicators, primer and or blush…perfect if you are on the move and want to carry as minimal products as possible… image My tip for you though is…apply the colours with a slightly damp eye shadow brush, or if you have MAC fix plus spray or my personal method…just use eye drops to bring the pigment of the colour alive. The picture below is from the shadow and blush 2 pallette, it shows on the left, the colour pay off with a dry brush,  and on the right the colour pay off with a damp can see the noticeable difference there. image

Happy Thursday!



2 thoughts on “Product Review, Barry M eyeshadow pallette

  1. I like the naked palettes and I have all three but I don’t think they’re as amazing as everyone makes out…they have a lot of fall down and I don’t think the shadows are as pigmented as they should be. The best palette and shadows I have EVER used is the stila in the light palette. I know it’s £25 but still a lot cheaper than the naked palettes! Sorry for the essay haha! X

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