Eye brows ♡


As i went to fill in my eyebrows yesterday, (i’m not blessed with perfect brows unfortunately) i realised my fav eyebrow pen had run out…i know…the worst had truly happened 🙂

While i was contemplating the idea of just leaving them the way they were, i realised i’m just not ready for that yet!

So i digged deep and found some old favourites;

Benefit Cosmetics, Brow Zings, £24.50
Not actually an ‘old’ favourite at all, i still use this, but somehow, like all products, they do find their way back into the box of lost and found..not because this product isnt any good, just purely because i have an unhealthy obsession with buying new products!
For starters it’s a perfect little compact to carry in your make up bag, the colour of the powder settles onto the skin and into your natural hair so well and it’s very easy to apply for those of us who are a little worried about looking like this –>


It comes in 3 shades so you are sure to find your suitable colour to match your natural hair, i use medium myself as my brows are quite dark naturally and i like the defined look.
It also comes with a pair of tweezors which is always handy because there is always that 1 hair you want to grab but you just can’t remember where you put your tweezors…
The best part about this product it comes with a setting wax, i actually use the wax to outline the shape of my brow an then use the powder to fill in to make it look more natural. The wax will ensure any stray hairs will be on their best behaviour all day.
I love this product it lasts all day even in the summer heat.

Benefit Cosmetics, Gimme Brow, £17.50
If you are lucky enough to have naturally full brows then this product will be your best friend.
Its like a mini mascara for your brows, therefore if you are short on time in the morning this is incredibly quick and easy to achieve a fuller more defined brow, just by sweeping the brush across your brows.
If your brows are sparse or like me you like the more defined look you may have to work with the brush to really get that product onto the skin to create the desired look, as it does take time to build up the effect that you would achieve with a pencil or powder.

Gosh, long lasting brow pen, 004 wheat, £6.49
I realllllyy like this product & it’s price tag! its like a liner, but for your brows so its super quick and easy to ‘draw on’…without looking like you have just drawn them on!
Again i usually put powder on top, just to blur that line to create a more natural appearance.  Again lasts all day long fab product.

Brow bar to go by whitening lightning, £ varied, check often for offers
I havent reached for this product in a long time, but i highly recommend as with the other products it lasts all day and the colour is very natural and adaptable. You can buy this from the website http://whiteninglightning.com/ or from Amazon.

I now use, and i am LOVING;
Soap & Glory, Archery, brow tint and precision shaping pencil, colour: brownie points, £10
Ok, this product is pretty much your one way ticket to brilliant brows!
It has ‘liner’/’felt tip pen’ one end and on the other is a pencil…. i use the liner to outline the shape i want and then the pencil to shade in the gaps. 
This is definitely a new fav of mine i genuinely do not have any complaints of this product..easy application and lasts all day.



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