Mascara; the eye openers

I think whether you use 3 products or 10 products in your make up bag, mascara is a staple product for us girls.

Whatever make up look i am going for, even if it’s a ‘no make up day’ my lashes are my best accessory, and like most of you I’m sure, i have exhausted most brands!
The qualities i look for in my mascaras are ones that can:
– make my eye lashes look as long and full as possible, ‘the false lash affect’
–  keep my lashes seperated and not look clumpy
– a mascara that doesnt crumble in the heat or fall onto my face throughout the day
– one that isnt going to leave me with panda eyes
– and lastly, one that isnt going to need half a bottle of white spirit to remove!

So here are my favourites!


– Maybelline, the falsies, £7.99
Probably one of the most raved about high street mascaras out there, and my thoughts are no different!
Lashes look fuller and longer even after just one application, it also doesnt dry too quickly so re application is possible without clumping, definitely worth a try if you havent already.

-Loreal, Telescopic (the bronze one) £10.99
I recently purchased this mascara and boy am i impressed with it.
So easy to remove yet keeps my lashes looking very seperated and very long all day. Dries quite quickly so be careful when re applying coats you might need to persist to keep the lashes seperated. 
-Loreal, false lash architect £10.99
Another Loreal mascara, i really like their range of mascara there will definitely be one there for everyone!
This product really volumizeses and dramatises lashes giving them the real full lash affect. Again easy to apply and remove!

-Loreal, false lash telescopic £10.99
Again, seperates lashes perfectly and really buildable to create a more dramatic look.

-Benefit Cosmetics, They’re Real!
Plastic wands are marmite in the mascara category, you either rate them or you dont…i personally do rate them!
This product is perfect for separating your lashes and giving ‘the false lash’ look. They make my lashes look much longer an fuller, my only problem with this product, it is a bugger to remove, but with an oil based remover- i use Nivea eye make up remover (perfect for sensitive eyes and it’s price tag is perfect if you are on a budget!) or Benefit have their own remover, which works to remove the product really easy. Also be aware if you have oily eye lids like mine, make sure you powder the eye area, as i often look in the mirror to see the product has transferred around my eye lids!…not a great look.

-Benefit Cosmetics, Roller Lash
Beautiful packaging,  would we expect any less from Benefit? 🙂
Again my lashes are elongated, not as much drama as they’re real this is definitely a great product for people who prefer a light daytime look, minimal coats yet maximum results achievable.  Same issues as They’re Real though, get yourself a good eye make up remover!


One thought on “Mascara; the eye openers

  1. I love your post! I am always looking to try new mascaras 🙂 My favourites at the moment are L’Oréal Telescopic, Benefit They’re Real and YSL Babydoll, there are amazing!

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